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Yes, We are a Cruelty-Free PETA certified company supporting the end to animal testing in cosmetics. The PETA mark is placed on our labels offering peace of mind for all of our customers. This stipulates that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished cosmetic products or ingredients by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date.

Yes, We are a Vegan PETA certified company supporting no animal derived ingredients in our cosmetics

We use only allergen free mild fragrances in our formulations

Yes, however the products are mild, gentle with lower levels of firming ingredients and fragrances that won't be as high. Products like the Soothing Dream Cream should be a mainstay in any bathroom cabinet however, as this healing cream can be used to treat bumps, bruises, insect bites and very dry skin.

While we don't claim that our products will treat or cure certain skin conditions, we have seen incredible results for customers with more severe concerns.

Yes, We sell a variety of travel-friendly products ranging from Hair & Body Wash, Lotions to Creams. Visit the travel kit shop here:

Performing a patch test is easy. Wash your hands and dry them to start with the test. Next squeeze out a small amount of product after you shaking the product onto a cotton bud and gently dab it to the back of the neck or inner elbow and leave it for 10 minutes. Observe and if you notice any redness, itching, swelling, or bumps, please wipe off with clean water immediately and discontinue use. In case here is no reaction at all, then you may proceed to use the product. In extreme cases if there are any allergic reaction then please seek medical advice from expert.

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Babies have a Lower ability to regulate body temperature (prolonged bath time may lead to body temperature drop which increases probability of cold and fever). A single cleansing routine reduces the fatigue that the baby faces. Experts recommend shorter duration and less frequent bath regime using soap free mildly acidic cleanser products for babies. Hence an All-in-One Hair and Body wash saves baby form fatigue and less chances of losing ability to regulate body temperature related issues

Yes! Truly Blessed products are suitable for Newborn, toddler and kids having soft and sensitive skin

Yes, Truly Blessed products are perfectly suitable for all skin type including sensitive. If you have a baby or young child that suffers from eczema, be sure to use sulphate free washes at bath time. Our Hair and Body Wash contains hydrating Aloe vera, nurturing Oat oil and Calendula soothes while restorative Shea and Cocoa Butter nourish the most delicate of skin. Always perform patch test before applying products to sensitive skin prone baby. Seek medical attention if your child is in discomfort with any skin irritation

Yes! Our shampoo and body wash is PH balanced to make sure there is no irritation to your baby’s eyes. The Truly Blessed products are Hypoallergenic with 100% Dermo tested and approved for sensitive skin

It is mild and suitable for the regular feminine intimate hygiene and maintains the natural pH of intimate areas

SULFATES (SLS - SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE & SLES SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE): one of the widely used detergent ingredient commonly found in shampoos, body wash, bubble bath and soaps as surfactant. Truly Blessed makes sure that shampoos and body washes that we make are free from any Sulphates

Baby cannot regulate the body temperature easily. Hence short and less frequent bath are recommended usually before bed or in the morning.

Many traditional soaps contain detergents that are derived from saponification (e.g., the process of mixing a strongly alkaline solution with a fatty substance such as vegetable oil or tallow, leading to soap formation). Soaps especially chemical ones have a pH in alkali range. Hence Soaps are known for stripping the baby skin from its natural oils which protects and keep it healthy. Alkaline soaps can increase skin surface pH beyond what is considered an ideal range and they can also dissolve fat-soluble and water-soluble barrier components from the surface of skin. If like millions of children around the world, your child suffers from a dry skin condition, the first thing to do is stop using soap, say no to bubble bath and use a very gentle soap free wash. Soaps especially chemical having a pH in alkali range. Hence Soaps are known for stripping the baby skin from its natural oils which protects and keep it healthy. Truly Blessed’s Hair and Body Wash uses soft natural sulfate free cleansers derived from oats, calendula, coconuts to clean your baby’s hair and body while hydrating and maintaining the natural skin inherent nutrients.

The natural skin pH is acidic (ranging level 4-6). Baby's sensitive skin needs a in mildly acidic range (pH 5-6 range) which matches and protects skin’s natural pH. Foaming washes and harsh soaps bring skin’s pH to 10 while non foaming creamy washes leave the skin at its natural pH. clean without irritating or damaging its natural delicate pH balance. Any wash or cleanser containing higher pH tends to dryness, clogged pores and acne on certain skin types especially sensitive. Truly Blessed’s gentle mildly acidic pH balanced formula helps to nourish and cleanse baby’s sensitive skin without leaving it dry or compromised.

Truly Blessed Baby Moisturizing Daily Lotion contains the ideal mix of natural emollient, humectant and occlusive moisturizers such as Oats, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa Butter and vegetable glycerin for deep hydration. This ultra-mild moisturizing formula is fast- absorbing and non-greasy, leaving your little one’s delicate skin feeling soft, smooth and lightly scented.

After bath or before bedtime are recommended but anytime is a good time for some Truly Blessed ultra-light, soft and nourishing baby body lotion. If there are spots of your baby’s skin that are extra dry do consider using Truly Blessed Soothing Dream Cream which is a rich cream suited for more dry and sensitive skin.

Yes! Our Baby Moisturizing Daily Lotion is Safe and can be used on the whole body as well as the face. Just be careful not to get in your baby’s eyes. It is not dangerous but it could make them uncomfortable. If it does happen just rinse out with some water.

Truly Blessed's Diaper cream can be applied every time you do a nappy or diaper change. Also, its advisable before baby bedtime. Truly Blessed Diaper Rash Cream is both preventative and healing keeping your baby’s bum irritation free.

Truly Blessed uses moisturizing and soothing ingredients such as Calendula, Chamomile, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed Oil and Olive Oil to help fortify the baby skin barrier and support skin repair. Zinc Oxide is used to form protective layer on baby's skin for protection against moisture. Experts suggest that a Nanomaterial as an insoluble nano sized bio persistent material that can enter and clog pores and hence recommend nano zinc oxide as the safest for baby products which doesn’t permeate the skin. Truly Blessed Diaper Rash Cream used Zinc Oxide that is not classified as a nanomaterial and does not have any grounds for concern.

Both are great ways of moisturizing the skin but while baby lotion is widely used as an everyday treatment and applied to the whole body, whereas the Soothing Dream Cream is generally a thicker formula and richer with anti-oxidants that can be used on specific parts of the body and face that are extra dry or sensitive.

Yes, unlike other natural brands, we never use lavender in any of our clean products - a known allergen and potentially harmful ingredient for precious skin.

Mineral Oil and Petrolatum are by-products of petroleum distillation. These can be contaminated by carcinogens called PAHs. Contamination with PAHs which are linked to cancer, skin sensitizer, contact dermatitis, allergen. These are often found in diaper rash creams and moisturizers, which is why we keep these in our exclusion list and removed all Petrolatum, Mineral Oil and Lanolin from our products.

PHTHALATES (DBP, DEHP, DEP, DMP, ETC.) are preservatives used in cosmetics and personal care products, as well as stabilizers in soaps. These have been linked to birth defects and endocrine disruption, which is why we keep them strictly at top of our MADE WITHOUT list and banned from our formulations

The manufacturer and marketer company information are as follows: Manufacturer Name : Lagom Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, A-60, GIDC, Sector-25, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382024 India Mfg License No. : GC/1727 Country of Origin : India Marketed By & Contact details : Mezora Consumers Pvt Ltd, 4-A46, Freedom Fighters Enclave, new Delhi, 110068 India. Yes, the manufacturer is ISO and GMP compliant.

18 months

Parabens have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and developmental and reproductive toxicity, so we made sure that these harmful chemical compounds stay out and are banned from our products

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