Top-10 Baby Essentials for Safe, Eco Friendly Baby Care Rituals and Sustainable Parenting

Top-10 Baby Essentials for Safe, Eco Friendly Baby Care Rituals and Sustainable Parenting

Increasingly Parents have adopted the concept of sustainability and have grown more conscious of the future of the environment and the planet on which their kids and babies will be raised. There is higher awareness and options available to take steps towards a sustainable parenting lifestyle.
From vegan skincare and teethers to wooden furniture and reusable cloth diapers, we have curated a checklist to ease the parenting load and make your journey as a parent easy, sustainable and affordable! Environmentally conscious parenting is really possible.

Be it late-night wake-up calls or early morning potty cycles⁠—baby care can be overwhelming in the first few months.

Raising a child who is environmentally conscious can start with the choices you make at home. Most importantly, babies are sensitive! It's extremely important to protect them from exposure to toxins found in many of the products we use on a daily basis.
From the bed they sleep on to skin products or cleaning equipment at home, the potential to go sustainable and natural is huge. That's why it's super important to go eco-friendly and choose natural and eco-friendly baby products as often as possible. Whether it’s organic food or skincare, these first few small choices will eventually make a big difference.
These rightful choices, in return, can help create a sustainable home and communicate the message that we need to protect and respect our environment,

1. Eco-friendly bowl set:
Give up plastic altogether when it comes to babies. If your child is super notorious for grabbing spoons and bowls while playing with them, it’s best to be safe with the material.
You can opt for spill-free bamboo and silicone bowl sets, which are completely safe for your child. Check some options available from and

2. Adjustable and reusable eco-friendly cloth diaper:
Disposable diapers are super expensive and lead to a lot of waste. Moreover, some babies develop rashes due to the same.
Instead, you could opt-in for reusable cloth diapers, which come with two soakers. Each soaker lasts about 7-8 hours, and the diapers are adjustable. Refer Super Bottoms for its super-friendly cloth diapers collection
Whenever it gets soiled, simply wash it off in a baby-safe laundry detergent, dry it and it’s good to be used again!

3. Cotton handloom clothes:
Cheap and super soft, comfortable and herbally dyed pants and shirts, are a great way to go eco-friendly. Handloom fabric is breathable and safe on the baby’s skin.
Choose clothes that keep your baby happy and smiling, rather than irritating and making him/her prone to rashes. Refer to Haus and Kinder Baby (, Kidzology ( and Snuggly Spaces ( for its organic collections of baby clothing and beddings.

4. Wooden buildings & toys:
Toddlers love playing with stacking blocks. The stacking blocks help your child learn geometry, apart from the fact that they are absolute fun. Moreover, this toy helps in improving hand-eye coordination. Therefore, go for baby-safe wooden toys and say bye-bye to plastic toys! Refer to and for some great wooden toys collection

5. Baby Swaddle
Tuck your baby in an organic cotton swaddle, to ensure a good night’s sleep for them.
This cloth will help wrap the baby in a warm, secure way and prevent him or her from startling. Until the baby’s internal thermostat kicks in, tucking them in with a swaddle is a proper way to help them sleep nicely. Check options from

6. Baby porridge:
When your baby is ready for solid food, you can opt for the ancient and highly nutritious millet for his/her solid meal.
The millet porridge is 100% organic and natural baby food. Moreover, it's super quick and convenient to make. Refer to and for a healthy and nourishing collection of food options

7. Baby Skincare Made of Vegan and Clean Natural Organic Ingredients, Lotions for massage:
Baby massages are super important for your little ones to develop their muscles and bone strength. Moreover, the giggles you will get when you start the baby lotions or oil massages will be evidence that your baby loves them too!

Choose a clean natural - organic baby body lotion or oil which is safe on the delicate skin of your baby. Refer Truly Blessed’s Moisturizing Daily Body Lotion which is 100% vegan and clean natural with a super light and fast absorbing moisturization to baby’s daily skincare rituals

Adopting baby bath and skincare which is Vegan and Clean can be a great way to preserve healthy planet ecosystems like sea life, animals, etc. Hence adopt baby products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and free from any animal or insect-derived ingredients (e.g. Beeswax, honey, etc). Find a plant-based and skin-healthy range of Truly Blessed that has been prepared to keep the eco-consciousness of every ingredient in mind

8. Vegan Teething sticks:
Sometimes, your little one can be restless (and chewy) when they are getting new teeth. Opt-in for tasty vegan teething sticks for satisfying his/her irritation while also learning how to eat independently. Refer to some healthy and vegan teething sticks options from Early foods made of Jaggery or Ragi

9. Rattle rings, Wooden Teethers
don't let your baby chew on plastic when there are eco-friendly and healthier options of teethers available. Wooden and cloth rattle rings are made of traditional weaves and are safe for health. Find some great options on FirstCry for a wooden teether

10. Pre-loved Baby Items
Preloved is a great way to give love back to our planet – Pre loves or used clothes, toys, books, etc are one of the smartest and most fashionable ways to raise kids as they outgrow existing clothes at a rapid pace. Resist the temptation to go all out shopping for a newborn in the family. Hence, using any elder sibling, cousin, or friend’s hand-me-downs and passing them around is a very eco-positive way of parenting

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