Tips for Winter Skincare for a Baby's Sensitive Skin

Tips for Winter Skincare for a Baby's Sensitive Skin

A baby's skin is a personification of softness. It requires special care, since it is so delicate and soft. Unnatural fibers, chemicals or the weather conditions can make your child’s skin red and chapped. 

Baby skin care in winters, therefore needs a little extra care. It’s extremely important to avoid products which might cause redness to your little one’s skin. 


1. Over-bathing Must Be Avoided

baby bath

Frequent bathing can accelerate the dryness. The best way therefore, is to bathe the baby with a gentle hydrating wash, sponge and wipe down with damp cloth. It is completely alright to bathe your baby only once in two days, but make sure the water is lukewarm. Lukewarm water and sulfate-free, soap-free baby shampoo and wash are two essentials needed to keep your baby soft and shining. Consider Truly Blessed Baby Hair & Body Wash which is ideal for a happy, tearless bathing experience while nourishing and calming mild discomforts such as rashes and itching. 


2. Moisturize & Moisturize: All Day

Most babies have extremely dry skin, which requires moisturization. Adult moisturizers must be avoided, since they could have irritating scents or colors. A moisturizer loaded with moisturizing ingredients like oats, aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut should be used. Massage it onto your baby’s skin to help keep dryness at bay especially after bath or before bedtime. Try light and hydrating Baby Lotion from Truly Blessed for providing a fast absorbing moisturization to your baby’s sensitive skin.


3. Protect the Lips

Drooling is something you can't avoid when it comes to your little ones. As a result, their noses and lips can get chapped and raw in cold weathers. Therefore, rub some shea butter on their lips before taking them out during winters. 

This will ensure that your baby’s lips are protected from all discomforts, except your sweet kisses!


4. Layer up Natural Fabrics

baby winter layers warm clothes feet

Although woolly jumpers keep you nice and warm, they can be very irritating for the babies and can exacerbate dry, itchy skin. Instead, try layers of other natural fibres (e.g. cotton) which allow the skin to breathe.


5. Other Useful Tips

  • Keep humidifiers in room to maintain humidity especially in regions which are usually colder.
  • Spend time in sun - not only rich in Vitamin D, sunlight is also known to kill germs and provide warmth to the baby's body.
  • Keep a soothing cream for any skin sensitive skin issues like dryness and rashes. Go for Truly Blessed’s Soothing Dream Cream that has flaxseed, oats, chamomile and avocado for great nourishment and protection to baby’s sensitive skin.

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