How to prevent dry skin in kids in 5 easy steps?

How to prevent dry skin in kids in 5 easy steps?

Summer can also cause your child's skin to become dry and flaky, just like in winter. In babies and kids, dry and itchy skin is caused by the sun, air conditioning, and chlorine in swimming pools.

This year's summer has arrived early thanks to the increasing temperatures! Summer vacations are quickly approaching, and whether you're staying home or travelling, you'll need to take some care to keep your child's skin smooth and healthy.

Playing outside in the morning sun is beneficial for your child's general growth and development. It also aids in the body's production of vitamin D. For a child's bone and muscular growth, immune system support, and hormone development, vitamin D is crucial. Just make sure your youngster is wearing good sunscreen before letting them outside.


How to keep children's summer skin from becoming dry?

1. Limit the use of harsh soaps

Your child's skin loses its natural oils when they take a bath. If you use particularly abrasive soaps, your child's skin will get drier. So make sure to pick shampoos and body washes that are mild on your child's skin.


2. Make use of a humidifier

Similar to heaters, air conditioners have a tendency to absorb all the moisture in the space. Use a cool mist humidifier in your child's room if the air in your house is dry. You might also consider using a desert cooler, which will maintain ideal levels of humidity and temperature.


3. Apply a generous amount of cream and moisturiser

Baby skin care

Don't kids really love to splash around in the water during the summer? It's challenging to stop them. So let your child have fun, but once they’re out of the water, ensure to pat them dry with a towel and apply face cream and moisturiser within minutes of getting out of the water to seal in the moisture that's still on their skin after the bath.


4. Keep chlorine and salt from drying on the skin

Children adore swimming in pools in the summer. Both salt water from the sea and chlorine water from swimming pools can be quite drying. If your youngster swims, give them a thorough wash with tap water. Apply moisturiser while their skin is still damp. Not only does your child's skin dry up when exposed to too much chlorine, but so does their hair, so apply nice hair oil to nourish it.


5. Keep your child's fluid intake up

Itchy dry skin is caused by a lack of moisture. As a baby’s skin loses moisture, make sure your youngster drinks lots of water to replenish this loss. Children can have "ghamoria," often known as a heat rash, on their skin as a result of the extreme heat. Kids find it challenging to quit scratching because doing so just exacerbates skin inflammation. Instead, it is best to use a high-quality dusting powder.



Summertime is fun! Kids may unwind and play outside because schools are closed. The majority of outdoor spaces, however, turn into mosquito breeding grounds during the summer. The easiest targets for mosquito bites are the open sections of children's skin, while other covered areas are frequently affected as well. Use a mosquito repellent that works well to keep insects away from your child.

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