Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials

Gear is inevitable when it comes to babies. The diaper bag is supposed to be your home away from home at all times. Therefore, choose a bag with a lot of pockets. You might need them to fit your baby's needs and all requirements, and more importantly the contents of your purse. The most easily accessible pockets will help you grab the diaper or your cell phone quickly whenever you need it.

Keep your diaper bag all stoked up with,

• Diapers. You’ll definitely need at least one diaper every two hours when you’re out—and maybe a few extra, just to be safe.

• Baby wipes. A good and efficient travel pack of baby wipes is all that’s needed. They’re handly and multipurpose - for wiping baby’s bum, your hands and the changing pad, especially after use in a public restroom. •

Baby diaper/nappy cream/ointment. Save space with travel-sized tubes in your bag. You never know when you need it. Look at the label of Diaper Rash Cream to ensure the ingredients are allergen free and safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Go for Truly Blessed Diaper Rash Cream as it is made with clean natural ingredients, protective and safest non nano Zinc Oxide to protect the baby skin from rashes without leaving a messy white cast on baby’s skin

• Changing pad. A changing pad is necessary, some bags come with an in-built changing pad.

• Small empty sacks. Use empty sacks or water bags for soiled diapers (throw them away if they’re disposable, however bring home if they’re cloth and reusable).

• Pacifiers. Store only in a clean bag along with an extra bottle nipple to keep everything super clean and sanitary.

• Burp washcloths. Throw away these clothes after use, for hygienic purposes.

• Hand sanitizer. Sanitizers are extremely important in today’s time, since you are not aware of who else has touched what you are touching.

• Food for the baby. Whether it’s solid food or formulas or pumped breast milk, figure out how many feedings- worth you’ll need and pack accordingly. Water must be also included for toddlers.

• Change of clothes. An extra pair, or sometimes two must be added to the bag, for emergency purposes.

• Hat. Carry a seasonally appropriate hat according to summer or winters. • Sunscreen. Protect that kissable skin of your child from sunburns. Moreover, since baby skin is extremely delicate, protect it with a hat in summers from sunburns, and likewise protect the skin from harsh winter conditions with a blanket.

• Light blanket. No matter what the season is, it’s always a better idea to have an extra handy blanket for unexpected breezes. Moreover, they can be used to shade babies from the sun.

• Toys. You might want to add something to the bag that keeps the baby entertained— like board books, teethers, etc.

• Band-Aids. Scratches are always unpredictable with babies, if they end up in a playground.  Therefore a pair of band aids can help you stay tension free, if such mishaps happen. If your baby has thrown up all-over his clothes, having to search through your diaper bag to deal with this wet mess might add to the stress. Therefore, keep your diaper bag essentials at the ready.

• Stock up different categories of diaper bag essentials into different (preferably clear or different-colored) pockets. Example, put feeding items in one pocket, diaper change items in another, and personal stuff in another, and so on and so forth.

• Pre-portion each bottle. If you’re mixing formula, keep the pre-measure water ready and pour into each bottle. Add pre-measured formula to each bottle only when you’re ready to feed your little one with it. For breast milk, carry a portable cooler during summers.

• Prevent leaks. You may have double-checked that the milk, water and sunscreen are screwed on tight, however pack each in a sealed plastic bag, just in case.

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