Best Gifts For Babies

Best Gifts For Babies

Whether you're shopping for a mother-to-be or for yourself, these gift ideas will for sure help navigate you in the decision. So scroll down, to check the best gift ideas that are at the top of any expecting parent's list of things to buy. 


1. Baby Clothes

baby clothes

Clothing items like mittens, bibs, booties, etc can be chosen as a gift to newborn. Make sure you're buying only cotton clothes, avoid synthetic fabrics.


2. Baby Diapers

Diapers are always the best gifting option. Buy from a reputed brand only. Moreover, cloth diapers are also recommended, if you are environmentally conscious.


3. Baby Bath & Accessories

truly blessed travel kit mini

One might feel anxious about bathing their newborn, as they are super fragile. Therefore, gifting a baby bath can definitely assist them in this task. Go for Truly Blessed Hair and Body Wash which is not jut mild, tear free and hydrating meant for baby’s sensitive skin.  Portable tubs are a great option and makes bath easy and convenient.


4. Baby Photo Album

Gift a baby photoshoot alsong with a photo album. For memory’s sake,parents can paste pictures and footprints of their baby along with details like the weight of the newborn, the timeof born, and so on.


5. Baby Swaddling Cloth

baby sheet swaddling cloth

Swaddling clothes or baby sheets can also be a beneficial gift. Therefore, draping sheets are always needed. Make sure you’re buying cotton ones only.


6. Silver Jewellery

Silver has many health benefits, moreover traditionally, gifting silver to newborns is considered auspicious. You could gift silver bangles or spoons,etc.


7. Rattlers & Musical Toys

baby rattler toys

Rattlers and musical toys have an ample of options in the market for newborns. These toys are a sure shot entertainer due to their adorable designs and soothing sound.


8. Baby Bed Linen

Bedding sets are available in attractive designs in the market, and make for a perfect gift. Choose the latest fad, sleeping bags with cute motifs, which are sure to keep the baby snug.


9. Baby’s Room Decor

baby room decor gifts

Baby’s room décor can also be a fun idea for gifting purposes.There’s a wide variety to chose from like picture frames, baby room lighting rugs and carpets, and more.


10. Cot

baby cot bed

A mobile cot or a play gym will be highly appreciated by a new parent. You can also opt for the musical kinds now.


11. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier sling can be bought as well.Make sure there’s an extra neck support.


12. Baby Pacifiers

Comforting the babies is quite a task, therefore baby pacifiers might make just the right gift, in this case. Baby pacifiers or teethers come in various designs, even in animal characters.Choose the non-toxic brand only.


13. Baby Skincare Products

truly blessed baby body hair face wash moisturizer lotion

Gift a set of baby skincare products, like baby hair and body wash, moisturizing lotion, massage oil,  diaper creams and baby wipes, and more. Do take care of the fact that baby’s have super sensitive skin. Baby skin means delicate and more sensitive and in need of hydration - go for Truly Blessed must-haves Gift Essential kit which include :

  1. Hair and Body Wash 
  2. Moisturizing Daily Lotion
  3. Soothing Dream Cream 
  4. Diaper Rash Cream


14. Teaching Kits 

Teaching kits can be a multi-purpose as they will have teaching things like the first word, body parts, and so on. Moreover, these kits might also include finger puppets, sets of rhymes, etc.


15. Feeding Essentials 

Feeding products, like baby bottles in different sizes, along with extra nipples, can make an ideal gift. You can also fashion an assorted gift hamper including bottle brushes, bottle covers, bibs, sippers, breast pumps, and breast pads.

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